Art of the Song / Standing "O" Podcast

In this edition of The Standing "O" Project podcast, we hear Rob Murphy performs, "Never Letting You Go," the laugh comes to us from Sarah Hickman and Viv Nesbitt, and creative inspiration is provided by Robert Mirabel.

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The Standing "O" Project Podcast: Lynne Twist / Donald Fagen / Doug & Telisha Williams

In this edition of The Standing "O" Project podcast, we hear Doug & Telish Willimas performing "If My Heart," we have some laughs courtesy of Donald Fagen, and creative inspiration from Lynne Twist.

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Standing "O" Project Podcast - Mary Beth Cross / Nanci Griffith / Sam Baker

In this edition of the Stading "O" Project podcast, Mary Beth Cross plays & sings from her soul in "Feels Like Home." The prolific and personal Nanci Griffith talks about the importance of music & politics. And finally, Sam Baker and a little bit of laughter about growing up in small-town Texas back in the day.

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