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Our guest this week on the Standing 'O' Project/Art of the Song Coffee Break is Swiss singer/songwriter Veronika Stalder.

Swiss singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Veronika Stalder melts the genres of world, folk and jazz music, creating a unique sound that has captivated audiences the world over. With her touching and unique virtuose voice she plunges into the depths of her universe to tell stories and paint dream pictures that arise from it.

Veronika's true passion is the art of improvisation, which she masters with playful ease. Since the age of 6 she has played violin and her numerous visits to Ireland has helped her develop her gift for folk and traditional music. She is also an accomplished self-taught guitarist.

Veronika has studied at the Hocheschule Luzern Music Jazz Department Jazz singing with Lauren Newton, Susanne Abbuehl and Lisette Spinnler.  She won the Fridl-Wald award for Jazz musicians and gave the masterclass in Jazz Singing at the Sligo Jazz Festival. With her twin sister Patrizia Stalder she won the national bandcompetiton "battle of the bands“, as the singer-songwriter-folk duo „Twice“.

She has a master's degree in Education and has toured extensively with different bands to countries including Russia, Ireland, Armenia, Japan, Germany.

For numerous CD productions Veronika has contributed her talent as a singer and violinist. Her band Veronika’s Ndiigo recorded two albums so far, „The Topography Of My Heart“ 2009, „Feel It All“ 2014.

Rufus Reid (USA), Chris Wiesendanger (CH), Shirley Grimes (IR), Heiri Känzig (CH), Björn Meyer (CH), Kenny Wollesen (USA), Steve Davis (IR), Mike Nielsen (IR), Mich Gerber (CH), Andi Pupato (CH), Evgeny Lebedev (RU) are just a few of the international musicians Veronika has worked with so far. 

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