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Our guest this week on the Art of the Song Coffee Break is Colorado singer/songwriter Rob Roper.

Rob Roper is a songwriter, singer, guitarist and composer currently living in Denver, Colorado. He has released five solo CDs, “Some Songs I Wrote” (2007), “Me” (2009), “Misfit” (2011), “The Other Side of Nowhere” (2012), and “Word” (2016).

Jon Solomon of the Westword calls him “…a guy with some sharp songwriting skills and a knack for penning witty lyrics.”

The website described his full-length CD “Misfit” as “…drenched with emotion, with truly beautiful songs…A modest masterpiece.”

In June, 2016 Roper released the instrumental rock CD, “Roses,” under the band name Total Flower Chaos.

Roper’s songwriting and compositional abilities range from the quiet, beautiful acoustic song, “The Man in the Movies” on “The Other Side of Nowhere” to the metal/noise/psychedelic instrumental rock songs of his Total Flower Chaos EP, “Roses.” Then there’s the political spoken word lyrics over rock/hip hop hop music on his EP, “Word.”

Rob Roper has played over 100 shows the past several years, mostly in Colorado, where he resides. He is currently fronting his acoustic singer-songwriter band, Scupanon, and forming his new rock band, Total Flower Chaos.  

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