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Our guest this week on the Art of the Song Coffee Break is Pete Kronowitt, who just last year released his first album "A Lone Voice".

A Lone Voice review from antiMusic: 
"Kronowitt is an established Americana artist, a singer, songwriter and guitarist with a penchant for making political statements without conveying anger or preachiness; in fact he generally gets his point across in a fun way. Not that there's anything fun about the situation with all the shootings going on in the US right now, but Kronowitt's protest song "Got Guns?" is jangly and an easy sing-along with biting lyrics like "Don't tell me you're too young/If you've got a hand, get a gun." With a song title that plays on the "Got milk?" slogan, Kronowitt makes the statement that gun violence has become all too ubiquitous even before he starts singing. The John Mellencamp-like "Necessary Evils" is another cut filled with political commentary although it paints with a wider brushstroke, and "The Beast" laments current events with a Jimmy Buffett tone. Not everything here is about the state of the world; the tender "You Are Here" is a hopeful cut that reminds that it is possible (and a good idea) to look around and see the beauty of living in the moment. Some listeners will hear the call to action here but all can certainly enjoy Kronowitt's fine voice just as pure entertainment." 

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