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Partners 'n Crime - Mid-Week Coffee Break

Our guest in the Mid-Week Coffee Break Podcast is singer/songwriter duo Tapia Corel and Jim Rhodes, otherwise known as Partners 'n Crime. 

Tapia Corel revived her musical career in 2008, after taking time off to raise a family and fight breast cancer (in that order). Facing her mortality (she has been cancer free since 2007) caused her to look at life and music in a new light, with a new attitude. She has focused on writing and sharing music that reflects the experience of one who has "been there, done that," and come back for more. It is the story of countless women, who have faced similar fights, in the struggle to find their true selves versus being the reflection of other people's expectations. Within that, there is a resolve; a determination to live life to its fullest, have a positive influence on the world and leave, knowing that whatever happens, she gave it her best. 

Tapia's original compositions range from evocative memories of days gone by, anger over betrayal, sadness at disappointment and joy in the darkest moments. For anyone who faced challenges never expected, and found themselves amazed they are still standing, and better than ever, Tapia's and Partners 'n Crime's music will make you say: "Yes. I know that feeling," and be proud of what you know."

The Standing "O" Project is about socially responsible streaming--excellent musicians and exceptional fans taking over the music business. You're invited to find good, new, non-commercial music in a venue that lets musicians have an actual revenue stream. Come and connect with artists on a whole new level. Support musicians with an unheard of 50/50 split of proceeds. And gain access to rare music, video and interview content. You can be part of this revolutionary community and matter to the music at #sociallyresponsiblestreaming

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