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Melissa Monforti - Mid-Week Coffee Break

Our guest on the Mid-Week Coffee Break is Melissa Monforti.

Coffee with a friend.  We were discussing her newly published book and my desire to finally record after 15 years of writing songs, when in the course of the stimulating conversation, an idea came to me.  Why not blog about the process?

I hang on every word when performing artists speak about their creative process, or even what they had for lunch, both on stage and in interviews.  Writing about the recording process, how I write songs, and what I think about the big deep world - that's part of what I do now and I love it.

I also love the conversations that are popping up on the blog and beyond.  I feel content being part of a bigger discussion exploring creativity.  Perhaps you'd like to grab glass of wine and step into my brain for a minute.  You can read the blog at

My music might be described as contemplative folk music.  I hope you'll enjoy a listen.

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