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Our guest this week on the Art of the Song Mid-Week Coffee Break is Colorado-based singer/songwriter Mary Beth Cross, whose most recent EP 'Feels Like Home' is currently under consideration for Four Grammys.

MARY BETH CROSS is an award winning singer, songwriter and musician. Her music is a soulful, intimate acoustic mix of original and classic tunes. Her new EP titled "Feels Like Home" incorporates traditional Bluegrass instruments into her arrangements. Mary Beth's originals are inspired by the stories of her family, the forests and farms of her Wisconsin upbringing, and Colorado, where she makes her home. 

FEELS LIKE HOME by Mary Beth Cross begins by welcoming you in from the rain to the warmth of the hearth with the Paul Simon classic "Kathy's Song". Before you know it, the rugs are rolled up and a dance floor is cleared. Mary Beth takes listeners to her grand- parents’ dairy farm back in the 1940s with "Threshing Time", a tune she co-wrote with her 85- year-old father. Airing fears, worry, and concern is still a part of family gatherings. The burdens are shared and then released with Gary White's "Long, Long Time". Mary Beth takes the Linda Ronstadt cover and places it in a bluegrass arrangement, giving it new breath. She then leads you slowly into the wee hours of the evening (to the bedroom) with "The Medley", and concludes with an original ditty welcoming the morning and the gift of a new day with "Cottonwood Creek". 

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