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Our guest this week on the Standing 'O' Project/Art of the Song Coffee Break is Austin-based singer/songwriter Madison McWilliams.

Like so many girls her age, 16-year-old Madison McWilliams is in love with friends, fashion, and — most of all — music.

Unlike most girls her age, Madison’s passion for music has led the teen phenom from Austin, Texas to be named "2018's It Girl" by Girls Life Magazine and to achieve her dream: the 2017 release of her debut EP, “MADISON.”  This March, she is excited to perform for a second time at her hometown's SXSW Music Festival and will begin her newest adventure with the release her latest single "Livin' For The Weekend" for the music video!!  

Last year, she was honored to sing the national anthem live on NBC Sports for NASCAR and to share her music worldwide broadcast on Voice of America.  Even Justine Magazine has its eye on Madison too naming her "One to Watch" in 2018.

As one of’s Top 15 “NextWave” emerging artists worldwide and a writer on all of her songs, Madison gushes, “My whole life is surrounded by music.  Starting with her first audition as a child, which landed her the lead role in a local production of “Annie,” and fueled by her mom’s Beatles records, Madison has had a crush on music as long as she can remember. “It’s a piece of who I am.”  Austin Monthly agreed naming her "Artist of the Month." 

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