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Our guest this week on the Standing 'O' Project/Art of the Song Coffee Break is Colorado singer/songwriter Katey Laurel.

Katey Laurel's new EP Daydream, her first release of new music in three years, represents the first step in the artist’s return to music. While written prior to her divorce, songs like “Lifeboat,” “Invisible” and the title track carry almost a haunting sense of premonition, as though Katey was subconsciously aware of the cracks in the foundation and the quake to come. Produced by Warren Huart and featuring her friends Mike Morter (formerly of Churchill) on mandolin and Dave Preston as a guest vocalist on “Lifeboat”, it is her most intimate and acoustic work to date.

For true artists who experience trauma and loss, it’s uncanny how the experience serves to deepen and purify their artistic expression. Katey Laurel has already earned a loyal following by writing solid melodies and relatable lyrics. Coming out on the other side of crisis with Daydream—along with that refreshing sense of transparency and vulnerability only gained through fire—it’s inevitable that we are about to hear her most profound work yet. 

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