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Our guest this week on the Standing 'O' Project/Art of the Song Coffee Break is Kansas City singer/songwriter John L Keck.

John is a songwriter who creates lyrics with the intent of capturing emotion and moments in time that we can travel to and experience first-hand—much like a photograph captures the fleeting of an instant. With one foot in the South and one in the Midwest, John's music is a modern blend of traditional Americana and a willingness to be Undefined.

"People who haven't heard me play ask me what kind of music I make.  I want to answer them, and not be rude, but it's difficult to give a 30 second elevator pitch on something you plan to work on your whole life... I don't set out to do 'one thing', so I've started saying 'I write songs for people who love Van Gogh's paintings'.  I realize that's not an answer, but I want to have a conversation about what I've written.  Even if it means we only get to have it with our eyes while I perform. I want to provoke thought and connect with people. I would also love to see if I can get you to dance, laugh and cry a little." - John L Keck 

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