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John Dillon - Using Intention to Start a Creative Project

This week on the Creativity Corner we welcome author of The 20-20 Creativity Solution, John Dillon.

John is a singer-songwriter, performer and guitar maker. Along with his wife, noted actor Vivian Nesbitt, John launched The Standing 'O' Project as a way to overcome what he sees as one of the biggest inequities in the music business: despite being talented creative professionals with a profound work ethic, singer/songwriters are often shortchanged professionally. John and Viv are intimately familiar with the challenges of the itinerant singer/songwriter lifestyle: they used to tour the country in a green van, playing original music in bars, coffee houses and other roadside venues.

Art of the Song is a weekly one hour public radio program heard on over 150 stations across North America. The Creativity Corner is a short segment featured on the broadcast. More creative inspiration at:

The Standing "O" Project helps keep Art of the Song on the air. You're invited to find good, new, non-commercial music in a venue that lets musicians have an actual revenue stream. Come and connect with artists on a whole new level. Support musicians with an unheard of 50/50 split of proceeds. And gain access to rare music, video and interview content. You can be part of this revolutionary community and matter to the music at #sociallyresponsiblestreaming

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