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Glenn Frey Tribute - Art of the Song Coffeehouse Podcast

Our guest this week on the Art of the Song Coffeehouse Podcast is the late Glenn Frey.

All of us at Art of the Song are deeply saddened by the untimely passing of Eagles founding member Glenn Frey on January 18, 2016. An inspiration to a generation of musicians and millions of fans, he helped to define the genre of country rock.  A member of the rock ’n’ roll hall of fame and a winner of six grammy awards, Glenn Frey will truly be missed.

We take this opportunity to revisit our interview with Glenn from 2012, prior to the release of After Hours, his album of pop standards. We spoke with him about this new project, his creative process, and, he told us a great story about how he and Jackson Browne wrote Take It Easy.

This was truly a high point in our careers as interviewers, as we were able to sit down and have a relaxed conversation with Glenn at the Southern California Public Radio studios in Pasadena.

Click here to listen our Art of the Song tribute to Glenn Frey with some of his most beloved songs:

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