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Doug Balmain - Mid-Week Coffee Break

Our guest on the Mid-Week Coffee Break is Doug Balmain. A rock ’n’ roller with the voice of a soul man, Balmain’s lyrics and vocals have all the power & tenacity of a man desperately fighting for what’s his while maintaining the honesty and sentimentality of a true storyteller. Rachelle Lacy of the Billings Gazette described his work by saying, “Balmain’s voice and guitar are extraordinary, and his songwriting ability is a super-power.”

Doug's musical diversity and eclectic range of influences are brought to light through his guitar work - which can echo with a haunting, acoustic sparseness reminiscent of the pre-war delta - flow with a rich, melodic voicing that’ll leave you thinking you've just heard The Edge and John Mayer’s unborn love-child caressing the fret board…while at other times it stabs through the heart of the song with a violent, electric wail evocative of an agitated, “Let it Bleed” era Keith Richards.

Not one to candy-coat his words, Balmain’s writing confronts life experience with an unyielding stare and attention to detail. “His is a very unique sound with stories that capture life from a different point of view,” said Marcus Walton - editor of L.A. based Music Arts Magazine. Having no formal knowledge of music, Doug relies on visceral instinct and his hemorrhaging vehemence to form his songs' compositions.

After being asked what kind of music he plays, Balmain responds by saying, “I play rock ’n’ roll with soul in its veins.”

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