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Our guest this week on the Art of the Song Coffee Break is Oregon-based singer/songwriter Diane Patterson.

Folkgoddess Diane Patterson writes, sings, and carries her Mystic Folk Americana with acoustic guitar, ukulele and voice. Since 1991, Patterson weaves spirit and unifying social commentary, now around the world, on festival stages, at folk music and conscious music gatherings, healing gatherings and in concert venues of Southern Oregon and Northern California, in Hawaii every winter for the last 10 years, in Europe summers of 2008, 2011, 2013, and 2016, and twice across the usa in spring and fall 2016.

“Joni Mitchell meets Ani DiFranco. Patterson is a modern day folk goddess.”

Diane plays and collaborates with a number of artists working towards a more sustainable future, through the celebration of Abundance by Design. Currently she is working on a fabulous new CD, recording her engaging and eloquent songs in New Orleans with producer Mike Napolitano.

Based in Southern Oregon, independent and supported by her community, Diane considers herself a micro magical munition of manifesting highest consciousness, cleanest food for body and mind, best balance and highest integrity of relations between all Peoples, Elements, Directions, Resources. For this the songs are caught, carried, sung, rocked, and recorded. Diane lives this traveling, bardic, community musician style, also producing musical mystical events. 

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