Art of the Song / Standing "O" Podcast

Our guest this week on the Standing 'O' Project/Art of the Song Coffee Break is Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter David Vito Gregoli.

David Vito Gregoli is a Composer/Producer/Multi Instrumentalist. His music is diverse & intense as well as passionate & romantic. Vito is a true renaissance man with many talents. His passion for truth in the creative process exemplifies his dedication of the dharmic path & a social-conscious lifestyle. Vito’s lifelong work as a performer & producer has resulted in a deep understanding & appreciation of the fine nuances of musicality. As he refers to himself, he’s a Sound Painter with the music & musicians as the brushes & paint. 

The STANDING 'O' PROJECT is about fair trade music streaming--excellent musicians and exceptional fans taking over the music business. You're invited to find good, new, non-commercial music in a venue that lets musicians have an actual revenue stream. Come and connect with artists on a whole new level. Support musicians with an unheard of 50/50 split of proceeds. And gain access to rare music, video and interview content. You can be part of this revolutionary community and matter to the music at

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