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Our guest this week on the Art of the Song Coffee Break is Germany-based singer/songwriter Paul Fogarty.

Australian-born Paul Fogarty is a prolific songwriter-poet with more than 1200 original songs to his name. Since turning pro as a performing singer-songwriter in 2001 Paul has  released four studio albums totaling 55 songs. He’s opened for Status Quo and Arrested Development and Richard Clapton and Neil Murray and James Blundell, and showcased at festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Australia.

He plays lap-slide guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, harmonica, piano, percussion and ukulele as well as singing.

Paul has worked as a journalist, taxi driver, postal worker, clerk, public relations manager, editor, cartoonist, illustrator, desktop publisher, sub-editor/proof reader, nude model, farm hand, guitar teacher and vocal coach.

He’s been on the road playing live shows in Australia and Europe for fifteen years and in 2014 he placed five songs in two acclaimed German TV crime series and a short film.

Paul is currently based in Europe and is in pre-production for his fifth studio album with German hit songwriter and producer Nosie Katzmann.

“Paul is the quintessential singer-songwriter…”   Joe Lamont, manager Arrested Development, Jose Feliciano 

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